Zach Gormley

Seattle 2015

From promising performances across regional and international contest stages to most recently taking the coveted World YoYo Contest 1A title, Zach has now claimed his spot at the top of International contest scene. Elite players from around the world consider Zach to be one of the most influential and impressive players to pick up the toy in recent years and it appears that he’s only just hitting his competitive stride.

Did we mention that he’s a really nice guy too? Many top players can be quite one dimensional, but Zach is surprisingly well rounded for his level of talent and ability. When he’s not blowing minds at contests you can catch him enjoying the great outdoors, playing tennis and taking incredible photographs.

We’ve had a great time collaborating with Zach on his many signature return tops, and feel very lucky to be able to share in his successes.  We can’t wait to see where things go for Zach and are excited to continue to work with him on achieving his goals.

Birthday: Feb. 17, 1996

Hometown: Colorado
Currently Living In: Utah
Handed: Right
Added to the team: May 2009
Signature return tops: Borealis, Big Dipper
Other favorite return tops: Chief, WM2, H5 Chief, Yeti
Discipline: 1A (4A on the side)
Occupation: Student
Other Interests: Piano, Go, Tennis, Gaming, Clothes, TV/Film, CS
Favorite Food: Gyudon, Curry, Pizza, Milkshakes, Haribo Gold-Bears
Interesting Fact: I yoyoed for the Colorado Avalanche hockey team in their locker room. I’m an Eagle Scout. I was the second shortest kid in junior high school.
Just for Fun: “Hunger is the best spice they say.” – Spike Spiegel


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