Worlds has been sooo sooo exciting this year!!  It’s been a real change of pace this year, much more relaxing and laid back.  The team has been spending a lot of time together and helping each other out with optimizing their freestyles. 


Last night we got to see Save Deth Volume 2, which was absolutely amazing!!  4 of our team members are in the DVD and they all killed it!!  Brilliant job by everyone involved!!  You are all going to love it!!  By far one of the best and most professionally done Yoyo DVD to date.


We have some exciting news … Hadrien Bennaceur, French National Champion, has joined team CLYW!!  We’ve been pretty good friends since we met at worlds in 2007 and it is an honour for us to have him join our team. His profile will come soon.


If you’ve been following the boards you may have seen the extra exciting news … Jensen Kimmitt placed 1st place in the 2nd round of prelims.  His freestyle was on fire, he was so calm and collected and just did his thing.  Alex Berenguel also brought it as well and will be going to finals!!  After missing out last year he’s pretty excited.  Also our newest team member Hadrien will be in finals as well.  So in total 3 CLYW team members will be in the finals.  Awesome Awesome Awesome!!


Sebastian, Krisztian, Charles and Zach all did really well … unfortunately they didn’t make it into finals.  The judges were tough and they sure must have been looking for something different this year.  I’m so proud of you guys and how hard you’ve been working this year.   Keep it up!!


Boyd Seth will also be competing in Spin Tops as well, so we’re all rooting for him.  We’re thinking of starting work on a signature series Spin Top for him that’s made from 2 sticks a raccoon and some chewing gum.  We’ll see how it turns out.


  2A freestyles are starting now … gotta run!!  Have a great night everyone!!

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