Win a Golden Akita

If you’ve been watching our Instagram story today, you’ve seen these engravings:

Here’s the skinny: when we first started planning production for the Metal Yeti, we were nervous about making a lot of them. So we thought “Well, if we’re gonna do it, let’s do something extra to make it more fun.” We kicked around a lot of ideas, and we settled on a scavenger hunt. Announcing it BEFORE we sold the return tops seemed like a cheap ploy to sell you something you might not want, so we decided not to tell you until after they were on shelves and in your hands. In fact, we didn’t even tell the stores, and we just told our team last week. We really wanted this to be a surprise.

There are five Metal Yetis floating around out there right now with these engravings hidden under the Snow Tires. One of each color. If you peel up your Snow Tires and find this engraving, you win a Golden Akita.

The Golden Akita is anodized gold, with black steel rings and black engraving, and is limited to 8 pieces in the world. Five will be distributed to the winners, the other three went to Chris, Mark, and Steve because we are collector nerds. This color combo will never be produced again.

We recommend peeling up those Snow Tires carefully so you don’t have to throw in a new pair. Also, the engraving is on both halves, so if you peel up one and don’t see it, leave the other alone.

Thanks everyone. Good luck, and email us with a photo to claim your Golden Akita!

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