Welcome to the CLYW Family, Isaac Nozick & Gray Johnson!


We’re beyond stoked to announce two new members of the CLYW family…Isaac Nozick, and Gray Johnson!

isaac nozick gray johnson

You might know Isaac Nozick from the never-ending stream of awesome tricks on his Instagram page, or you might know him from that time on Snapchat that he ate a slice of pizza he found under his bed.

If you know him from Instagram, then you already know how awesome he is! If you know him from Snapchat, we promise we’ll feed the boy some proper food and we’re sorry about the barfing.

CLYW has always been interested in snapping up the most incredible players early in their careers, and giving them room to grow into their awesomeosity. Isaac is a tremendous young talent and we’re excited to support this guy and see where he ends up!

isaac nozick gray johnson

Gray Johnson is all fun, all the time, and his infectious love for return top play will have you out of your seat and ready to throw!

Gray first came to our attention after a video of him taking one of our return top to the melon went viral. We came for the lulz, but we kept an eye on him when we realized he’s just an awesome guy. Full of raw talent, fresh ideas, and a passion for everything that makes return tops fun, Gray is the kind of guy you want on your road trip.

We’re excited to help Gray in his journey towards his final form, which we can only assume will be 9-feet tall and have lightning for hair.


CLYW has always been interested in the long game…scooping up talented players and allowing them to develop at their own pace. We think we’ve done a pretty amazing job of it, picking up players like Zach Gormley, Alec Campbell, and Harrison Lee as wee youngsters! We’re very excited to support Isaac and Gray as they begin their journey as pro return top players…please join us in welcoming them to our family!


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