Unknown x CLYW – Peak 2

The Peak 2 is one of our favorite return tops in our entire line…it calls back to our past while improving greatly on quality and play value. It feels good in the hand, and it looks good on the shelf. If comfort food could be made out of aluminum, it would be a Peak 2.

When we were working on the Unknown Edition Pickaxe, we also asked Bryan to take a shot at the Peak 2. It’s always a little daunting to mess with a classic, but Bryan’s love for CLYW and its history really shines through in this simple but beautiful design.

Limited to 25 pieces, ever. $115 each, available right now, right here: CLYW x Unknown Peak 2

And just because we could….we’re launching a new t-shirt at the same time. Designed by Bryan Figueroa, all shirts are printed to order and will be shipped separate from the return tops.

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