The Summit

We would like to introduce the Summit, a collaboration between One Drop Yo-Yos and CLYW. We started this project on Monday morning and by the end of today we had a prototype tested / tweaked / retested and ready for production.

This collaboration has been in the works for almost a year now, we just haven’t been able to get together until now.

We both went into this project without any expectations and just wanted to see what we could come up with together on the spot.

I really gotta give it up to Shawn on this one though, he’s incredible with programming and tool setup. He really knows his stuff.

If you have instagram, definitely check out the hashtag #onedropxclyw2013 … if you don’t you can still see our instagram feed on our website on the right side >

We’re really having a blast hanging out here with the guys at OD. Really feels like a true collaboration having team members from both of our teams involved. I can’t believe we have cranked this all out in just a couple days.


Width: 46.0mm
Weight: 66.75g (with Ultralight Side Effects)
Response: Snow Tires
Bearing: 10 Ball
Artwork by: Jason Week (coming soon …)

Tomorrow, Shawn will be finishing up a small run of Summits to drop off at Toxic Strings to get anodized. If everything goes well we should have a small batch to release at Cal States.

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