The Puffin – First Run

The Puffin is Palli’s signature return top. It is the ultimate combo of two of the best throws we have ever created: the Peak and the Chief. The profile for the Puffin was based off of the Peak, while the inner rims was inspired by the double rings of the Chief to help distribute the rim weight. This combination created a super quick and stable return top that is perfect for Palli’s technical tricks. For the Puffin we also made the gap width the largest we have done to date at 4.25mm.

The Puffin can handle anything you throw at it … long combos, quick tech, crazy lacerations, horizontals, fun times … it’s Palli’s #1 choice for contests and is quickly becoming the favourite throw for our team members.

The first run has already been released at:, Rewind and YoYoAddict. Next stores to release are: (Thursday night!) and Spingear.

First Run Colourways
Top Row Left to Right: Grey/Purple/Blue, Northern Lights, Blizzard
Bottom Row Left to Right: Pekka Edition, Palli Edition, Rootbeer Blizzard


Diameter: 2.100in (53.3mm)
Width: 1.745in (44.3mm)
Weight: 65.9g
Gap Width: 4.25mm
Bearing: Center Trac
Response: Snow Tires

Made in Canada

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