The Future Club

I had an amazing time at yoyoing club today. The mall was packed with last weekend of the month holiday shoppers. AHHHHHH!!!!!!! Even Jensen Kimmitt came out, which was a super treat, since he has had a cold for a while. Jensen and I got this club back up and running almost 2 years ago and we meet every single Saturday at 1pm to keep things consistent. It has been so awesome to see a lot of the same kids coming out every week. Today everyone was asking Jensen to do their favourite ‘Jensen tricks’. Yup several jump tricks were done.

Robert who has been coming to club for a couple months now is taking to yoyoing like a fish to water. He plays guitar so that might be why. I really notice a correlation between musicians and kids who have ‘the knack’. Anyways … I taught Robert how to do Branding today. Never have I once seen anyone pick it up that fast. Nuts!

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