The Canvas

Jensen Kimmitt’s new Signature throw, the Canvas, is finally here.

Release Date: Saturday, Sept 24th – 7pm (MST) only at:

Pick Axe Logo by: Paul Escolar

Click here to see them all >>>

The 1st draft of our logo from 2006 that we never went with by: Raymond Biesinger

Jensen Kimmitt Signature by: Jensen Kimmitt

Dual Tone Pick Axe and Signature

Dual Tone Signature and Pick Axe

Owl by: Jensen Kimmitt

Dingkface by: Jensen Kimmitt

Little Scrappy Fetus by: Jensen Kimmitt

Ninja Hurdles – Donut Hurdler by: Jensen Kimmitt

Ninja Hurdles – Longjohn Hurdler by: Jensen Kimmitt

Ninja Hurdles, back side

Original has them side by side … see boxart in the future

Old timey Modern Yo-Yoing Custom K-Pads in Blue

Snow Tires … oh so nice! Produced by C3yoyodesign

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