the Campfire … cont’d

The Campfire name actually came from a facebook message from John Higby … where John had a dream that we designed a plastic yoyo and called it “the Campfire”.  I was so inspired by this name (and since we are a ways out from designing a plastic yoyo) that I felt that it would be the perfect name for our new yoyo. 


The Campfire is our answer to the “lower cost” yoyos that you’ve been seeing at your favourite yoyo stores.  We’ve minimalized it as much as we thought we could.  No IRG, Small diameter/narrow profile (less metal cut = less machine time), simple inner hub shape, solid anodized colours, easy laser engraving … we still haven’t nailed down a price yet, but once we know you’ll know as well.


The idea for the Campfire is a cheaper Caribou Lodge pocket yoyo that you can take anywhere you want and not feel like the pocket of your pants is going to explode … all while still mainting the unique look, feel and play of a CLYW yoyo.  I’m still waiting for the silicone to dry so it better play like a CLYW yoyo … haha


Here are some screen shots from CAD




Once we came up with the design and shape I ran it past a couple of our senior team members and friends to see what they thought.  All systems were go so I sent the CAD file to our machinist.


While we waited for the Campfire to hit the machine we got Jensen to come up with some sweet art for it.  You can see the main logo on the last post I made.  A more simplified verion of it will be laser engraved on the inside of the hub.  Can’t wait!!


Some of the specs so far are:


1.90″ (48.3mm) Diameter

1.39″ (35.2mm) Width

Large Bearing

Silicone Response

Proto #1 is 62.5g sans string


I will post an update as soon as we get to try it out … so stay tuned!!  Hope you like it so far!!

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