The Bonfire

The Bonfire is finally here!


Diameter: 2.169″ / 55.1 mm
Width: 1.783″ / 45.3 mm
Gap: 0.164″ / 4.16 mm
Weight: 66.1 g 
Bearing: CTX 10 Ball by Central Bearing Company
Response: Aqua Snow Tires
Made in USA by OneDropDesign
Artwork by: Jason Week

I’m sure most of you guessed it, the design of the Bonfire is based off of the Campfire, but just … you know … BIGGER! We kept the same look, but under the hood it’s a different animal. The original Campfire was known for being a pocket throw that is super stable, quick and long spinning. The Bonfire is built for fun and flowing tricks. It’s floaty in all the right ways making it similar in play to the Peak and Chief. Ever since Chuck got one, he can’t put it down.

The Bonfire will be available in Part 2 of the 2014 Release, which will be dropping this Friday at 4pm (Mountain Time) at our store. Part 2 will include our new 5 Panels and the Bonfire. We’ve decided to split up the Bonfire and Puffin 2 due to time constraints with Christmas. So we’re going to be doing a Part 3, which will be scheduled for early/mid January and will include the Puffin 2 and more Yetis.

We’re currently working with FedEx on a better rate for shipping to the US, so that we can guarantee arrival on these before Christmas. Keep your fingers crossed for us!


Top: Black Bip Bop
2nd row (left to right): Clareview Station, Harrison Hurricane
3rd row (left to right): Black with Copper Speckles, Concrete Blizzard, Ash Berry
Bottom row (left to right): Solid Green, Red with Clear Splash, Solid Gold, 28 Stories

Interesting facts: this is the first time we’ve run Red with Clear splash, since we did it back in 2009 for the Peak.

Interesting fact the 2nd: this is the closest our anodizer has gotten to hitting the original tones of the 28 Stories colourway in a long time!

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