The Avalanche – The Comeback

The time has finally come! Feels like forever since we had a release of the Avalanche. Unfortunately switching to a new shop had a draw back. I had to redraw the Avalanche from scratch since I no longer had the CAD file. Luckily for me it was a tweak on the Sasquatch, a file I did have. It is almost impossible to tell the difference between the comeback Ava and the original one by looking at them, but somehow this new one plays so much better! WOW!

The weight is now 66g and is just so much fun. I honestly am having a hard time picking which return top to throw these days. This week so far has been an Avalanche week.

These photos are of a sample I had anodized. They won’t look like this on the 1st comeback run. Sorry. BUT wow I think we’re going to bring back some simpler times on the 2nd one.

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