Thank you One Drop!

The One Drop Team: Shawn Nelson, David Metz, Paul Dang and Andrew Daugherty

I’d like to send out a huge thanks to the guys at One Drop for everything that they do for us. These guys work so hard and do so much for us and this community, and without them I probably would have been forced to retire from yoyos years ago. I think most people know, but I wanted to point out that One Drop does a lot of our machining for us. Models that they manufacture for us are the: Canvas, Chief, Arctic Circle 1 & 2, and Bonfire. We’ve also collaborated on the Wooly Markmont and Summit, which they also produced.

When it comes down to picking a shop to work with we always try to pick One Drop. They know what they’re doing and their attention to detail is incredible!

I love these guys and I just wanted to say how thankful we are for everything that they do, not only for us, but for this community. I cannot wait to collaborate with One Drop again! It’s always a blast hanging out at their shop in Eugene, OR.


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