Team Member Videos – A Year in Review

Our team has done so amazing this year and I’m so proud of every one of you for how hard you have worked with … traveling to contests, making clip vids of yourselves, writing reviews, helping out with blog posts, representing CLYW at your local club meets … It’s huge. CLYW is about having fun, being a part of your community and pushing the limits. You are what keeps this company going, so thank-you!

Here is a collection of some of the videos our team members have been featured in over the course of one year. Enjoy! (please punch me in the shoulder if I missed any)

Golden Age from Chuck on Vimeo.

Zach Gormley 2010 from Zach Gormley on Vimeo.

Gnarwhal by CLYW from Sector Y on Vimeo.

Canopy from Elliot Jackson on Vimeo.

3 years from Zach Gormley on Vimeo.

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