Over the weekend there were two contests … MWR in the US and Slovakian Nationals. Team CLYW was out there representing and having a great time!!!

In Slovakia, Krisztian placed 1st in the Open Division beating out 2nd by 16 points!! Congratulations Krisz!!! Soooo proud of you!! You’re on fire this year!! Once we get some photos and videos we’ll post them up. This coming weekend Krisztian will be competing at UK Nationals. Man this is the busy season!!!

At MWR, Alex placed 2nd in 1A and ended up getting the seed for US Nationals!! Alex was using a prototype of his signature throw, the Sasquatch. Here’s his sweet freestyle:

Adam, John-Bot and Abe were also at MWR. John-Bot made 1A finals and came in 14th … and Adam came in 5th!!! NICE!!! I can’t wait to see your freestyles guys!! You’re always my favourites to watch!!

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