Team Chubby Lovin’ Tour!

Howdy, Seth here. I’ll be doing some blogging over here as well as Expect plenty of pictures, stories and videos in the next few weeks!

So the journey begins. Abe and I left Des Moines early this morning, headed to Chicago for the day. Chicago is a pretty awesome place. We also find something awesome to do there, usually thanks to Harper. I’m sure this time will be no different. In fact Harper gave us a time and a mysterious address to show up at, with no real explanation of what it was besides, “a place i hang out at”. This should be interesting.

If you’ve followed the exploits of Team Chubby Lovin’ over the years you know we have taken some pretty crazy trips. This will be the 2nd time New York City will be the ultimate destination. Back in 2008 Abe, John Bot and I drove cross country. It was an intense and memorable trip, to say the least. Oshkosh hoodlums, New York City parking and a last minute decision to head to Maryland States which forced us to drive back to Wisconsin nonstop.

On this trip we won’t be doing the driving, Mega Bus will. Earlier this year Mega Bus extended its route to Des Moines, making it incredibly easy, and cost effective, to travel. These aren’t your regular interstate buses: power outlets, free wifi, comfy seats and even tables to get work done at. This is totally the way to travel.

Check back for more travel pictures/updates/video!

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