Basecamp – Nuu x Karolína

Caribou mom Ewelina Wejner (Nuu Gatowsky) took a short holiday to Prague to meet up with YoYoFactory’s Karolína Záhrubská for a new Basecamp video, and it’s the best kind of gleeful fun. Meeting up with friends, goofing off, and throwing tricks…does it really get any better than that? Return top used is the Basecamp Jackknife.

Basecamp Presents: Alec x David

Alec Campbell and David Ung are keeping the Basecamp vibe alive in this new video. Get ready for some solidly awesome tricks, some terrible offstring catches, and the death of at least one bearing. Return tops used are the Basecamp Jackknife, Flight, and Sherpa.

Pastures Lodge ft. Basecamp Expedition

Kryštof Kindl & Filip David put together a fantastic Basecamp video, and we’re so stoked on it! The duo traveled to the Czech/Polish border and had a great time hanging out, throwing, and filming. Thanks for the love, guys! Return top used is the Basecamp Expedition.

Basecamp Road Trip

Alec Campbell brought a vintage VHS camera with him on the Basecamp road trip from Seattle to Cleveland for the 2016 World YoYo Contest, to capture a little of that lo-fi goodness. It turned out pretty fun! Featuring David Ung, Chris Mikulin, Petr Kavka, Alec Campbell, and Aaron Davis.

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