tessa piccillo

Tessa Piccillo on the Steve Harvey Show

Congrats to CLYW team member and World YoYo Champion Tessa Piccillo on appearing on The Steve Harvey Show yesterday with fellow champions Gentry Stein, Mark Montgomery, and Philip White! Looks like everyone had a great time and the audience was super into it. Nice work! Tessa used her signature return top, the Kodiak.

Cabin Tutorial – Veggie Wrap

MOAR TESSA! We’ve got a special “World Champion” batch of Kodiaks hitting stores soon, so we figured we would let Tessa remind you what dope yoyo it is with another one of her excellent tutorials. If you dig body/wrap tricks, we’ve got what you need!

Cabin Tutorial – Pineapple Catch

This week’s Cabin Tutorial comes from Tessa Piccillo, and it’s a REALLY satisfying slack rejection trick. When that loop pops off correctly the whole trick just slows down and it feels and looks awesome. Great one to learn to insert into your own combos! Return top used is the Kodiak.

Cabin Tutorial – Statue of Liverty

This week’s Cabin Tutorial features Tessa Piccillo taking a simple idea and making it look good. This is a great look at what makes a nice-looking yoyo trick…it’s not how many segments you can cram in to the shortest period of time, it’s good ideas done well! Return top used is the Blizzard.

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