petr kavka

Petr Kavka Leaves CLYW

Nothing lasts forever, but it sure was an amazing run! Today we say goodbye to long-time CLYW team member Petr Kavka, and wish him well in the next stage of his return top career. Petr joined the CLYW team on February 14, 2011, and spent the next nine years traveling the world and representing CLYW […]

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EYYC 2017

Every contest is a family reunion! There are few things we love more than getting together and hanging out at a big event, and the 2017 European YoYo Championship (EYYC 2017) was the perfect opportunity for some of the CLYW family to catch up. Featuring Andrew Maider, Petr Kavka, Palli, Nuu, David Kreibich, Tomas Vyletel,

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