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The Cliff – 3rd Run

Here’s a look at the complete 3rd run of the Cliff, Petr Kavka’s signature throw. Top row: Ninja Hurdles, Purple/Clear, Black/Clear Middle row: Pyramid Mountain, Harrison Hurricane Edition Bottom row: Camp Caribou * Shipping to stores soon!

Bear vs Man Round 2 – Specs

Fanart by Jason Week Okay here come the specs! Finally! Diameter: 56.5mm Width: 44.2mm Weight: 66.3g Bearing: Center Trac Response: Snow Tires Taste: Spicy These are the two colourways that will be available for the first run. Shipping soon!

ODxCLYW Collab – Day 2

Yesterday we finished the design up, today Shawn is doing programming and setting up the lathe. Hopefully we’ll be cutting some metal later today. Cross your fingers! Join the conversation here on the YoYoExpert Forum.

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