ayumu harada

CLYW Presents: BOY

OFFICIAL RETAIL RELEASE DATE: NORTH AMERICA – TUES, DEC. 17th / 10 PM EST / 7 PM PST JAPAN – WED, DEC. 18th, 12 PM JST EUROPE – WED, DEC. 18th, 4 AM CEST We’re very excited to release the BOY, the first signature return top for Ayumu Harada. Designed to be the next evolution of Arctic …

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Ayumu Harada Wins East Japan B-Block!

We’re so crazy proud of team member Ayumu Harada for winning the incredibly competitive East Japan B-Block regional competition! This seeds Ayumu to Finals for the 2017 Japan National YoYo Contest. Amazing job, Ayumu…congratulations! Return top used is the Borealis.

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