andrew maider

Andrew Maider – SCALES Interview

In this episode of the Scales Podcast, Becko asks Maider a few life questions that happen to relate to yo-yo. Step into the mind of a guy with not much free time and a lot of responsibilities and find out what he does to stay on the top tier of the competitive scene.

Vlog Cabin – 1 Week ‘Til BAC

In this week’s Vlog Cabin: – Andrew Maider talks about how he preps a freestyle for a contest – Errrybody hangs out – David Ung shows up late and out of breath – Behind the scenes of Mark Mangarin’s new video – Aaron learns how to use the brakes

EYYC 2017

Every contest is a family reunion! There are few things we love more than getting together and hanging out at a big event, and the 2017 European YoYo Championship (EYYC 2017) was the perfect opportunity for some of the CLYW family to catch up. Featuring Andrew Maider, Petr Kavka, Palli, Nuu, David Kreibich, Tomas Vyletel, …

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