Snow Tires!

It’s finally happening! In just a couple weeks CLYW will be getting Snow Tires … silicone response stickers, that will fit in every large bearing CLYW model! I know for some of you, it’s a real pain to re-silicone your CLYW, so here is the opportunity to finally get around that!

Artwork by the Legendary Paul Escolar

Our friends at C3yoyodesign will be producing them for us! I’m a huge fan of theirs, they are just the neatest guys aruond. C3yoyodesign is making waves right now across the globe, they have some of the most beautiful throws out there. Being the first high-end Yoyo manufacturer out of Hong Kong, these guys know design. So impressed with each release that comes out. Especially the (h5) … WOW!

Photo taken from their Facebook page:

Thank-you so much for producing these for us Walter!

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