Scout Release – Feb. 4th @ 10 PM EST

Bottom Row, L to R: Space Dragon, Zip Zap Rap, Mudberry, Indigo Montoya / 2nd Row, L to R: Rainbow Trout, Space Camo, Goose Bay / 3rd Row, L to R: Golden Hour, Disco Panther / Top: Canadian Tuxedo


We’ve got a HUGE release of Petr Kavka’s signature return top, the Scout, coming on Thursday, February 4th at 10 pm EST! This release will be available at your favorite CLYW retailers…check with them to see which colors they will have available.

The colors in this release are absolutely fantastic…and Rainbow Trout is a brand-new colorway that is the most-liked photo we’ve ever posted on Instagram! Crazy!

CLYW Scout - Rainbow Trout