Sasquatch 2022

There are few things I love more in this world than really big return tops. It’s kinda wild that I never got into 4A because the equipment is just my size!

It’s no secret that I love big return tops, and it’s also no secret that I’ve had wrist problems for years now. Tendinitis reared its head for me back in the early 2000s and as the years have gone by my need for lighter and lighter throws has always been at odds with my desire for bigger and bigger ones.

The original Sasquatch is an all-time Top Five favorite CLYW release for me. The 2018 redesign where I got to make it huge is pure joy, but I could only use it for short periods of time because of my wrists. Then our friends at Atmos Projects released the Pomelo, an enormous return top weighing in at just 61 grams. I was immediately in love, and it opened my eyes to the possibilities of really big + really light, and I immediately went to work on seeing what could be done about the Sasquatch.

The results are pure joy…the biggest return top we’ve ever made and it weighs in at just 62 grams. It zips around nicely, looks amazing on stage, plays great, and you can use it for hours without feeling like your arms are gonna fall off. It’s big and dumb and lovely and I’m so excited to see what everyone thinks of it.

CLYW started with Chris just making a return top that he wanted to play with. I’m pleased to continue that tradition with him, and hope you enjoy the Sasquatch 2022 as much as I do.


Diameter – 71.4 mm
Width – 54 mm
Weight – 62.4 grams
Response – Snow Tires
Box Art – Mike Lundy
Price – $120

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