I remember the first time that I saw a Riccardo Fraolini video, it was at the same time that my third eye’s eyelid blew right off it’s hinges. Riccardo is like a genius Martian that grew up on earth; his perspective is so unique that it seems like he just can’t help but see it all differently.

Everything that he does in his signature chill, just me doing what I do like manner, is inspiring players across the globe; local hobbyists and world champions alike. The multifaceted Riccardo also plays the drums and enjoys filming and editing fantastic videos.

We are extremely thrilled to have Riccardo on the team; to be able to get to know him better, and to make him teach us all of his tricks! Expect a brand new signature return top for him in 2021.

Date of Birth: Aug. 19, 1982
Country: Italy
Added to the team: April 2014
Favourite Throws: Chief, Bonfire, AC2, Peak
Favourite Setup: Long neon yellow Kitty String, Centre Track, Snow Tires
Discipline: 1A, a bit of 2A/3A/4A
Occupation: Employee
Favourite Food: Pizza, Pistachios, Ham
Interesting Fact: I’m unable to clean bearings and name tricks; I always write a trick list before freestyles – and it’s full of drawings and names of players who inspire my moves.
Other interests: Drumming, Filming/Editing, Juggling
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