Raised by Wolves

To celebrate the upcoming collaborative return top project with Raised by Wolves, we at CLYW decided to send out Jensen Kimmitt and Charles Haycock into the freezing December winter in Edmonton, Alberta to make a video. We wanted a raw feel with a realistic, but impressive perspective on what return tops are all about to go along with the return tops we worked on with the folks at Raised by Wolves.

It took three days and over fifty takes to achieve this single shot. Due to the average temperature of -25C, the shooting had to be split up so that we could run back to the truck to avoid frostbite and the tricks used in the freestyle were adapted over the three days of shooting in order to be hit clean under freezing and windy conditions.

We are very proud on how well this project turned out and hope everyone enjoys the products of our hard work. More details on the release coming soon.

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