Quackhole Avalanche


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This limited edition Avalanche features special artwork by Tressley Cahill, who is easily one of the coolest people you’ve never met. Only 30 pieces.

This classic Caribou Lodge design is available now and feels better than ever. Imagine a fresh snowfall, the world crisp and clear. A blank slate, with just a hint of nature peeking through. Sitting on your back porch, looking out across an endless expanse of possibility, sipping your first cup of coffee of the day. A smile creeps across your face as you realize you can do anything you want.

Thats how it feels to unbox the new Avalanche.


Avalanche Specs:

Diameter – 55.2 mm
Width – 43 mm
Weight – 67 grams
Bearing – Pixel Bearing
Response – Snow Tires

Additional information

Weight0.3 lbs
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