Polar Berry Maple Drip!!

That’s right after going through every entry last night we picked a winner.  Isaac Sams submitted Polar Berry.  We felt that this name fit this Maple Dripped Wooly Marmot the best.  Congrats Isaac!!  We’ll be contacting you shortly to get your address so that we can ship you your new Wooly Marmot.  Thank you to everyone who took the time to submit an entry.  We really enjoyed reading them!!


Here are some of the names that we also really liked:

blue whale
blueberry syrup
The Abominable Snowman Maple Drip
Aqua Lip Maple drip
frozen ocean
blue caribou maple drip
Glacier Beast Maple Drip
Frosty Antlers
Frostbitten Beard
Wolf Shark
Arctic Walrus
Frosted Sky
Blizzard Lizard
Polar Burst
Frozen Antlers
Mammoth Splash! Maple Drip
Icicle Cave
Yeti Yogurt maple drip
ice honey maple drip
Ocean Forest Maple Drip
Frozen Sap Maple Drip
Frozen Lumberjack
Blue Penguin Maple Drip
Athabasca Maple Drip
megaman maple drip
-273′C Maple Drip
Squamish River Maple Drip
Morning Frost Maple Drip
Winter Creek Maple Drip
Frozen Wolf Maple Drip
Frozen Sasquach Maple Drip
Frozen Forest Maple Drip
Vancouver Island Maple Drip
polar berry
Manatee Maple Drip
Ice 9 Maple drip

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