WOW! What a weekend!

I’ll start with PNWR, because that’s where I was at. 

Six years ago at that same venue was my very first contest, and every one since has been equally as superb. I’m tremendously proud of the team for busting out some crazy freestyles and being the nicest, coolest duders on the planet. There’s really nothing more to say (except that I should have practiced harder to keep up with these guys) because I think that the freestyles speak for themselves. I’ll have a different angle up later, but thanks to kingyostar for uploading these videos so quickly.

Micheal Kurti

Zach Gormley

Jensen Kimmitt

Harrison Lee



And EYYC!!

This is no doubt where the real competition was at. The level of play was so high that I have no idea how the judges were able to distinguish a winner. As i sit back and watch all of the freestyles, the numbers don’t even come into play, I just see different songs and different dances that are unique and inspiring in there own respects. Petr, Palli, David, Nu, Pekka, I’m such huge fans and so happy to have had you guys represent the caribou lodge family over in Europe at EYYC!

Here are the finals freestyles:

Petr 1A

Petr 5a

Palli 1A

Palli 3A

Nuu 1A

And David’s prelim that we haven’t posted yet:


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