Petr Kavka Leaves CLYW

Nothing lasts forever, but it sure was an amazing run!

Today we say goodbye to long-time CLYW team member Petr Kavka, and wish him well in the next stage of his return top career.

Petr joined the CLYW team on February 14, 2011, and spent the next nine years traveling the world and representing CLYW on stage after stage, earning piles of 1A and 5A titles. His smooth, fun style made him a crowd favorite and he quickly became a cornerstone of the CLYW team and family.

His impact on CLYW has been tremendous…from representing the brand at contest after contest to his many signature models (the Cliff, Advance Scout, Scout, and Compass), Petr has left a huge mark on the history of CLYW and we cannot thank him enough for his many formative contributions to our little company.

Petr, we wish you all the best on your next steps and look forward to seeing what you’ll do next! Thanks Petr….we love you!

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