Pekka is the original CLYW team member. Since Caribou Lodge’s inception in 2006, he has been consistently brightening the world with his fresh concepts. Along with the incredible difficulty and skill he brings to his original creations, Pekka has consistently been the definition of style. He’s one of the pioneers to take this seemingly simple toy and use it as an artistic form of expression.

Not only is Pekka a soaring personality in the return top world, he’s also a Vans sponsored skateboarder and a writer for the Norwegian skateboard magazine, ‘Playboard’. To add yet another feat of inspiring talent, he’s a highly skilled kendama player.
Having been the only return top player in Norway for years, Pekka also harnesses the ability to pluck inspiration from perhaps non return top related sources, or simply out of thin air. He never fails to surprise, and we are proud to have him as an integral part of CLYW’s history, its present, and its future.

Born: May 30, 1989
Country: Norway
Handed: Left
Added to the team: 2006
Discipline: 1A 43v3r
Favourite Return Tops: Chief, Yeti, Peak
Favorite setup: Candy Wire, Thick lubed bearing, try to get it as close to tug responsive as I can
Occupation: Writer for Playboard, a Norwegian skateboard magazine
Favorite Food: Pizza!
Interesting Fact: In my first 5 years of yoyoing, I had never met another player.
Other Interests: Skateboarding, Filming/Editing, some kendama every now and then.


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