Pekka’s New Tattoo!

A couple weeks ago Pekka mentioned that he wanted to get Santa Cruz’s Screaming Hand tattooed on his arm, but instead of the scream he wanted it to be holding a Peak. Not any Peak though, he wanted it based off of the custom painted Pink Peak he got in 2006 when he first joined team CLYW. This was probably one of the most humbling moments I have ever had … PLUS DAMN!!! What a RAD idea!!

Well Pekka needed some help with the artwork and I knew the perfect person who could do it: Bart Cusick, one of the winners of our XMAS artwork contest.

Here’s what Bart came up with:

Well yesterday was tattoo day and DAMN! It turned out AMAZING! Check out a few of the pics Pekka sent me:

Well I’m soooooo jealous! I totally want a matching one … haha!!! You’re amazing Pekka! You’ll have to send over another photo once the puffiness goes down.


PS: The skateboard deck boxes just came in! Which means that we’re getting closer to the release date of our new custom Olive Skateboards deck! Can’t wait to see what Pekka can do with it!

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