Official Release of the CLYW Borealis – Nov. 21 / 1 pm EST

CLYW Borealis

The Borealis is finally here!

The new signature model for 2015 World YoYo Champion Zach Gormley, the Borealis, is what he used on stage in Tokyo to take home the gold, and they will finally be available this weekend.

The specs for this return top are identical to the prototype that Zach won the World YoYo Contest with, and we’re super excited for everyone to finally get their hands on these fantastic return tops. We’re super proud of this collaborative design with Zach, and we think these are going to become a quick favorite with CLYW fans around the world.

This first run is all solid colors, and each features a two-sided engraving…the borealis on one side, and the moon and stars on the other. This simple engraving really looks fantastic, and we hope you like it!

The first run of the Borealis will only be available here at! They will be available in our online store on Saturday, November 21st, at 1 pm EST, for $135 each with free shipping worldwide.

Check out Zach’s routine again for inspiration, and check back on Saturday to pick one up for yourself!