New Vids From Some Cool Ghouls!

SO MANY NEW VIDEOS JUST CAME OUT! Man Team CLYW is on fire! Thank you so much guys for being so involved. WOW!

First up we have an Avalanche Tester video by Ernest Kahn. Since one of his favourite CLYWs is the Avalanche, he really wanted to show what the new Comeback Avalanche can do! Two thumbs up!

Next up we have a MWR 2012 compilation video by Mr. Busy Pants Alex Berenguel. Not sure if you all know, but Alex just completing a Masters Degree in Bio Medical Engineering … we couldn’t be prouder of you Alex! You’re amazing! Thanks for putting this together! We know you’ve got a lot on your plate being a working stiff now, so this means a lot!

Next we have ‘SLOUCH’. A video that Adam Brewster put togehter that focuses on posture/body position and how that affects the way a trick looks. So darn innovative!

Last BUT NOT LEAST we have a video featuring Zdenek and SLUSNY crew at a crazy fun park. Shenanigans to the MAX!! I WANT TO GO THERE!!

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