NEW Custom CLYW String

On Friday Nov 22nd, we will also be releasing ‘Slackline‘, our brand new line of custom CLYW strings made right here in Canada. We wanted to develop a unique high end variety of string that incorporates all of the characteristics we value and love.

There will be three different types available:

Poly – A polyester string with the perfect tension. It has a lively bounce to it and is fantastic at holding it’s shape for slacks and suicides. Feels great on the fingers. ¬†Currently comes in Neon Green.

Hybrid – The ultimate balance of Nylon and Poly. It’s super smooth on the fingers, lasts forever and holds shape really well. Whips feel like cheating with how quick this string moves through the air. Comes in Neon Yellow and White.

Glow – The Polyester we know and love, but glows to the max!

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