Mikey Mota

If you’ve been paying attention to the painted armed folks over at YoYoFactory you may have heard of Mikey Mota. He’s the guy behind all of the artwork and ink these cats have been getting. Well not only is Mikey a talented tattoo artist he is also a pretty darn good yoyoer for how long he’s been throwing. Check out his newest video, which is the intro for a full video series he is working on. This video features last year’s super CLYW model, the Bassalope.

Mikey is also one of the most dedicated and focused individuals I’ve met and will be taking this video series to another level by collaborating with some of the best yoyoers out there. Reminds me of when Elliot first got started. So I’m excited to see where this goes. You can follow Mikey over at his tumblr thingy here.

Photo by: Mikey Mota

Last week I received some artwork from Mikey for some potential t-shirts and stickers. So we’ll see where that goes. Plus he’s already completed the boxart for a limited edition Avalanche that we’re planning on doing in 2011. Exciting times these are! Yup.

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