Tomas Vyletel

Czech Republic

Birthday: February 14th, 1997
Hometown: Třebíč, Czech republic, I hope that I will live in Prague soon!
Added to the team: June 2016
Handed: Right
Discipline: 1A
Favorite Throws: Chief, Scout, AC2, Blizzard, Big Dipper and Compass
Occupation: Student
Favorite Food: Pizza, Lasagne, Kebab and I love sweets!
Interesting Fact: I still laugh and I am not good at english.
Other Interests: Music, Table tennis, gaming NHL with Petr Kavka and Tony Sec, clothes, my girl.
Snapchat: thomasflew

Tomas Vyletel has talent by the truckload, and he’s on the leading edge of the next generation of players in the Czech Republic. He’s got a smooth, relaxed style that moves effortlessly between deep tech and big, flowy slack tricks and the result is absolutely inspiring. The Czechs have one of the best return top scenes in the world. And yet, even with so much talent surrounding him, Tomas has always stood out to us.

Tomas has been a loyal supporter of CLYW in the Czech Republic for years, and we’ve really enjoyed watching him grow as a player and a person. He’s kind and funny and humble and we’re honored to have the opportunity to support the next steps in his playing career.


2016 EYYC16 Semifinals – 34th
2015 INJOY yoyo contest – 2nd
2015 Hungarian YoYo Nationals – 10th
2015 Austrian and Slovak Yoyo Nationals – 5th
2015 BÝK Brněnský Yoyo Kontest – 4th
2014 INJOY yoyo contest – 6th
2013 Czech YoYo Nationals – 15th