Petr Kavka

Czech Republic

petr kavka has won more contests than most people have even attended.

Petr Kavka is a gem as rare as they come. His play style is as smooth and as handsome as his hair with a straight up hypnotizing flow. As a 1A and 5A National Champion, Petr has also been sweeping the European contest scene for years now.

In the Czech Republic, and the rest of Europe, Petr plays a critical part in the return top community. He’s also a Slusny Team member, and him and his crew travel all over Europe to various contests, not only collecting trophies, but inspiring the younger generations and growing the popularity of this fantastic toy.

In 2012 we collaborated with Petr on his massively successful signature return top, “The Cliff”. In 2015 we released a new signature model for Petr, The Scout. It is incredible to have such a fantastic player on board, and to be able to support him as he continues to achieve his goals.

Age: 22
Country: Czech Republic
Added to the team: February 2011
Handed: Right
Discipline: 1a, 5a, 4a, and a bit of 3a
Signature Return Top: Compass
Favourite Setup: 1.5 White Kitty String, Center Trac Bearing, and IrPads
Occupation: Pro Yoyo Player
Favorite Food: Pizza, chicken strips, pomazánkové máslo
Other interests: Girls, parties
Interesting Fact: I learn how to yoyo while I was a boy scout.
2019 EYYC 5A – 1st
2014 Czech Nationals 5A – 1st
2014 Czech Nationals 4A – 3rd
2014 Czech Nationals 1A – 2nd
2014 SLYZ Contest X – 1st
2014 SLYZ Contest 1A – 6th
2014 Slovakian Nationals 1A – 1st
2014 Slovakian Nationals 5A – 1st
2014 International YoYo Championship 1A – 14th
2014 International YoYo Championship 5A – 4th
2013 Czech 1A CHAMPION
2X Czech X-Division CHAMPION
4x Czech 5A CHAMPION
SOPRON 5A – 1st
EYYC 2012 1A – 11th
EYYC 2011 1A – 7th
EYYC 2010 1A – 5th
EYYC 2010 5A – 1st
GYYM 2010 5A – 1st
MYYB 2010 – 1A 1st
MYYB 2009 5A – 1st
2009 CYYN 1A – 2nd
2008 CYYN 1A – 3rd
YoyoSkills Best Video of 2011 – 2nd

Signature Throw

Compass Compass