Páll Guðmundsson


The only thing harder than trying to pronounce Páll Valdimar Guðmundsson Kolka, is trying to learn his signature moves. Over the years Palli has consistently been putting Iceland on the map with his outstanding tricks and effortless style. While many players are fantasizing about incorporating their flat brim hat into a horizontal banger, Palli’s out there re-inventing those imaginations and adding to it with the countless innovations that have awarded him an international status of influence. Palli has been killing it on his own terms and on stage. His routines have earned him a First Place international finish at UK Nationals and a top five finish at EYYC.

When he’s not mastering return tops, Palli’s mastering the art and craft of a pizza chef, beating old school megaman games, and having a good old time.

The success of Palli’s signature return tops, the Puffin and Puffin 2, have been tremendous. With guidance from Palli, we’re working on a brand new version of the Puffin for 2016…stay tuned!

Birthday: May 1st, 1991
Country: Iceland
Handed: Right
Added to the team: December 2009
Signature Return Top: The Puffin series
Other Favourite Return Tops: Chief, Orca
Discipline: 1A and 3A competitively, but I can perform all styles
Occupation: Performer, Event Organizer, Marketing
Favorite Food: Pizza!
Interesting Fact: In Iceland we eat sheep heads and testicles and our most internationally known restaurant is a hot dog stand.
Other Interests: Pizza experiments, Magic: the Gathering, RPG’s and retro games

2015 World YoYo Contest 44clash battle – 2nd
2015 European YoYo Championship 1A – 9th
2015 European YoYo Championship 3A – 2nd
2014 International YoYo Championship 1A – 7th
2014 European YoYo Championship 1A – 8-9th
2014 European YoYo Championship 1A – 4th
2014 Iceland’s Got Talent – 4th
2014 International YoYo Championship – 7th
2014 European YoYo Championship – 9th
2013 UK Nats Open – 1st
2012 44Clash Battle – 1st
2013 EYYC 1A – 4th
2012 Spanish Nats Open –  2nd
2012 EYYC – 7th
2011 UK Nats Open 1A – 1st

Signature Throw

Puffin 2 Puffin 2