Mark Mangarin

United States

Hailing from NYC, Mark Mangarin is on his own flight path. He’s constantly showing us things we’ve never seen or thought possible before. A true gem of a creative that has also proven himself capable of translating his style into winning performances on stage.

What does Mark do when he’s not busy innovating? Well he likes to go for runs, cook, and um, be a Bioinformatician. I don’t even want to begin trying to understand how his brain works, but it’s astounding. He also holds one of the biggest smiles in the scene!

It’s amazing to be able to know Mark and share in his ventures.

Age: 22
Country: USA
Added to the team: December 2012
Handed: Left
Discipline: 1A
Favourite Throws: Sasquatch, Chief, Yeti
Favorite Setup: Chief, CTX/SnowTires, Yellow KS Fat
Occupation: Bioinformatician
Favorite Food: Nothing specific, but I do like Persimmons and Cashews.
Interesting Fact: I attach return top strings at the base of my middle finger.
Other Interests: Programming, Running, Cooking.
2013 VA States 1A – 1st
2013 North East Regionals 1A – 4th
2013 MA States 5A – 6th
2011 MA States 5A – 4th
2011 East Coast Classic 1A – 9th