Aaron Davis

United States

In just a few short years after picking up his first return top,  Aaron Davis has forged his play into a seamless creative outlet and passageway to communicate with others. I don’t use the word dope very often, but Aaron has it. His style has already garnered him attention from worldwide peers, and this is only the beginning!

Currently, Aaron is also busy completing a Media Production Degree; making him an integral part of the ongoing innovation of the world we live in today. He’s a gentlemen and a scholar, making fun a priority and serious skills a natural by-product.

We thoroughly look forward to getting to know Aaron better and being able to work with him on all of his future endeavours.

Date of Birth: Feb. 12, 1993
Country: United States
Added to the team: March 2014
Favourite Throws: Chief, Yeti, AC2
Favourite Setup: Chief, yellow Fat Kitty, CTX, blue Snow Tires
Discipline: 1A
Occupation: Media Technician
Favourite Food: Clam Chowder
Interesting Fact: I started yoyoing because I met Clint Armstrong and JT Nickel at our local Pokemon club in high school.