The Manatee is Coming Soon!

The signature throw of the 2015 Trick Innovator of the Year, Riccardo Fraolini, is finally here! Meet the Manatee. Designed to Riccardo’s specifications and optimized for his style of tricks the Manatee can take anything you can throw at it. This sea cow of a throw is one of the best CLYW’s we have designed to date and we’re super proud of how it turned out.

Releasing June 2016
Pre-release at Bay Area Classic
Full video dropping next week …

Manatee Head

Diameter – 2.149″ (54.6mm)
Width – 1.895″ (48.2mm)
Weight – 67.1 grams
Material – 6061 Aluminum
Response – Neon Snow Tires
Bearing – Size C Concave (LICENSED from Dif-e-Yo)
EstimateD Price – $80-90

Hi Alec!
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