MADFEST!!!! 2010

The Wisconsin State Yo-Yo contest was this weekend at a Juggling/return top festival called Madfest.  Competing from Team CLYW were Alex Berenguel, JohnBot and Abe.


Congratulations to Alex for coming in 1st with an amazing freestyle!!!!  Sooooo sick!!!  I believe he was also using his new signature return top the Sasquatch and we’ve heard some really great things about it already.  Again, great work Alex!! So proud of you!!


Madfest 2010 1a 1st place Alex Berenguel from Zammy Ickler on Vimeo.


Abe had a very stylish freestyle. Damn!!! So many innovative neato tricks. I love your mustachio.


Madfest 2010 1a Abe Ziamehr from Zammy Ickler on Vimeo.


JohnBot also had an excellent freestyle with a lot of CRAZY robotical front style tricks. Loved it!!!


Madfest 2010 1a john bot from Zammy Ickler on Vimeo.


Congrats guys!!!  Also, thanks to Zammy Ickler for uploading the Madfest freestyles so quickly!!

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