Justin Weber – Worlds Sponsorship

Last week I got an email from Justin Weber … he was looking for a sponsor to help him get out to the 2011 World YoYo Contest so that he could compete in the Artistic Performance (AP) Division. I just couldn’t say no. Justin is such a great guy and is one of the most talented yoyoers around … plus our team just adores him I met Justin for the first time at Worlds in 2007. Interesting fact: Justin was actually the very first person I ever met outside of Edmonton that yoyo’ed.

Every year Justin comes up with the most interesting AP routines. This year is no exception to that … here is a little blurb about what Justin has planned: “Gentleman’s Honor” will aim to intrigue an international audience, glorify the music of contemporary composer Philip Glass, and refine yo-yo showmanship in a way that makes it accessible to yoyoers and non-yoyoers alike.

Welcome to the team Justin, even if it is short lived for 5 days. I hope you have a great time and that the team gives you a nice welcoming. Wish I could be there!

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