In Boston with Elliot Jackson

During last months trip on MegaBus Abe and I took we had the chance to spend some time with good friends, who happened to be great yo-yoers too.

Visiting Boston, and Elliot Jackson’s environment, it’s no surprise his creative output is so rich. Sharing a house with an animator, film makers and a musician in the outskirts of Boston, how can you NOT be inspired.

Elliot is one of the most creative yo-yoers I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with on the road. Beyond his uncanny ability with yo-yoing, he has an amazing eye for design. You’ve seen his package art on the CLYW Avalanche and signature colorway packages, but he also has his hand in web and print media.

He has a knack for doing tricks that are both technical and visionally interesting. So many people are only interested in going big, or getting super technical, but Elliot is one of the few to seamlessly mix the two in a smooth, organic way.

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