November 17th – December 1st, CLYW, Harrison Lee, and Spinkult are throwing an online trick contest for tricks that you do naturally without thinking, tricks that you do on HOTTERPILOT.

With a focus on flow, the winner gets a glossy pink Spinkult edition Otter, right before the final drop.

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Film your favorite “autopilot” trick. That one sequence that you throw mindlessly a hundred times a day without thinking about it.
  2. Upload your trick to YouTube with “HOTTERPILOT – your name” as the title, and include this copy in the description:

“Here’s my autopilot trick for the #CLYW × #spinkult HOTTERPILOT contest. Visit the CLYW Discord server and post the link to your video in the #enter-here channel:

  1. The #enter-here channel will close on December 1st.
  2. CLYW & Spinkult will choose a winner based on incredibly unscientific criteria on Friday, December 8th. Good luck!


  • One entry per person
  • Film outside if you can for better lighting.
  • We aren’t looking for the hardest combo you’ve got, we’re looking for that combo that you’ve worn down until it’s absolutely smooth.
  • Ain’t no one doing 4.0 hooks as a default trick, just put it away.
  • The more bored you look, the more authentic it feels.
  • We aren’t saying you’ll get bonus points for using an Otter, but it’ll certainly make Harrison feel good.

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