Honza Votrubec is a rising star in the Czech yoyo scene, with a unique style and loads of raw talent. This guy has continually set himself apart in a crowded scene filled with stars, and he’s got a reputation for being one of the nicest players you’ve ever met. Honza is good people and a great player with an eye for photography, and we are beyond excited to add his creativity to our team.

From his own fantastic tricks to the time he spends bending a knee to help young players who are just getting started, Honza Votrubec is exactly the kind of guy who making return tops look amazing all around the world. We’re thrilled to support him, and look forward to his contributions to the CLYW family.

Birthday: May 23, 2000
Hometown: Liberec, Czech Republic
Handed: Right
Discipline: 1A
Favorite Throws: AC2, Scout, Kodiak, Compass and Yeti
Occupation: Student
Favorite food: Sushi, hamburgers, pizza and salads
Other Interests: skateboarding, photography, music and games
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