Holiday Gnarday Colourways

We just put the finishing touches on the new Gnarwhals for the Holidays! Some of these will be released exclusively through the CLYW Store and others will be released through some of our regular retailers. Keep an eye out for more info on where to get them.

First is the Royal Bison Gnarwhal. This blue and burgundy colourway was last scene on the Peak in 2008, this year we’ve decided to do it again for this weekend’s Royal Bison Craft & Art Fair . This one could be our best one to date. The acid wash effect came out perfect!

Next up is our Holiday colourway. With the most hectic time of the year fast approaching, we wanted to keep it simple and clean. A single red dot on one side, surrounded by a beautiful solid forest green.

We also have the Goose Bay colourway. Named after Labrador’s largest city, Happy Valley-Goose Bay. I’ve always wanted to visit Labrador. Apparently they have a lot of Uranium there. Pretty neat, eh?

This one takes anodizing effects to the next level. The ‘Bip-Bop’ colourway features 5 different colours speckled over a solid light grey body. The most intensive process we’ve done to date and it turned out so nice!

The final colourway for the holiday season is called Dad Pants. It’s all I could think about when I unwrapped it. Deep blue with a light blue speckle. So grown up … just like Dad Pants!

The latest line of Gnarwhals is sure to have something for everyone and we are really pleased with how everything came out.

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