Have You Seen Him? The Sasquatch Is Back!

The Sasquatch is BACK! One of our longest-spinning and most stable return tops to date has been updated with new weight distribution and new colorways. Unseen for a few years, the Sasquatch was originally designed as an upsized version of the Gnarwhal but quickly built itself a reputation as an absolute monster on the string.

This full-sized return top is just a hair wider than the original, less than one millimeter, but the response area has been carved out a bit to accept Snow Tires and the weight was pushed outward just a little…enough to make a noticeable difference in increased speed, spin time and stability.

The Sasquatch is an all-new monster…smoother, a little bit faster, more stable, and ready to handle the toughest tricks you can imagine. Available worldwide on June 26th at 10 pm EST / 7 pm PDT (June 27th at 2 am GMT).

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